Available for Premium and Professional plans

TradingView is the world's largest P2P trade signal marketplace. A user who is very experienced in TradingView (TV) can now leverage on TV's signal and activate CFDHero's bot to enter a trade.

CFDHero has made it very versatile for a user to integrate TradingView. A user can receive TV's signals and activate either Base or Extra orders. TV's signal integration is also available in Advanced, DCA and Exit bot types, therefore, enhancing the capabilities of our bots.

With this feature, a CFDHero user will be able to access the thousands of TV's technical indicators and signals and integrate them with CFDHero.

Integrating TradingView

If you activate TradingView for your bot, you cannot accommodate other indicators. TradingView signal integration operates exclusively as its own indicator.

To integrate TradingView, first create an alert. Of course, you need to have an existing account with TradingView in order to do this.

Look for the Alert actions configuration. It will look like this:

Enter the URL below (as shown in the image above) into the Webhook URL field:

You may select the Option "Only Once" or "Every Time" as shown in the image below.

If you select "Only Once", this will prevent TV from repeatedly sending messages to CFDHero each time the condition is met. If you select "Every Time", TV will notify CFDHero each time TV condition is met. Choose "Every Time" if you have multiple extra orders set for the bot.

You may also set an expiration time for the TV alert if you prefer. Please be aware that if there is an expiration time, the bot will no longer be effective after the expiration date since it will be listening to a "dead-end".

Adding TradingView to your Bot

You may add up to five TradingView signals for each Entry and Exit conditions (it may vary as we further develop this).

To activate TradingView for your bot, click the TV switch as shown in the image below.

Then, click the Add Indicator button. A pop up window showing the TV settings will be shown. Each TV indicator is unique. You will be able to configure if this specific and unique TV indicator should make a Base or Extra order purchase.

Please note that in order to give our users the utmost flexibility, CFDHero allows the user to create up to five TV indicators. Not only that, you can also create combinations of the indicators to either activate the Base or Extra Orders. As long as any TV signal is received, CFDHero will activate the Entry condition (or Exit condition if the TV indicator is set there).

Let's assume you have created three TV indicators as shown in the image below:

If the topmost indicator (listening for base order) is received, CFDHero will execute your base order. However, if either of the bottom two TV indicator signal is received, CFDHero will execute your extra order. However, if any of the two Extra Order indicator is received before the Base Order indicator, the Extra Order indicator will be ignored.

Let's look at this example where all three TV indicators are listening for the Base order:

The bot will call the entry condition if any of the three TV indicator is received by CFDHero.

Adding the CFDHero's TV Message to TradingView

Each CFDHero TV indicator has its own unique message string. It will look like this

{"checksum":"some random string","type":"entry","order":"base"}

Simply copy and paste the entire message into your TradingView's Message box. The message box is located below the Webhook URL field.

Be sure to include the opening and closing braces - " { " and " } "

IMPORTANT: Backtest does not work for TradingView signals as CFDHero signal engine does not receive historical TradingView signals.

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