Sell Bot

Available for Premium and Professional plans

CFDHero's Sell Bot allows a user to sell an existing asset based on the desired Exit Conditions. For example, if a user already has 1 unit of CFD-based AAPL and would like to sell 1 APPL stock when the price reaches a certain level, the Sell Bot can be used for such a purpose.

Setting the Average Entry Price

The Average Entry Price allows the Sell Bot to know what is your cost for acquiring the instrument. It is used to calculate the Profit and Loss for the deal when the Sell Bot exits. If the Average Entry Price is set as zero, then the PnL will be zero as well.

Exit Conditions

A user can configure the bot to exit based on the following conditions:

  1. when a price level is reached

  2. Indicators

  3. TradingView

Difference Between Exit Bot and Sell Bot

The Exit Bot will immediately use the fund allocation to buy the selected instrument. The Sell Bot will not. It will assume that you already have the instrument that the Sell Bot will sell when the exit condition is met.

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