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Are you an existing City Index user?

If YES, please jump to the section "Requesting for my City Index API Keys".

If NO, please read on.

City Index is offering new account signups a S$150 bonus (subject to City Index's terms). To sign up with City Index, please << click here >>.

After your City Index account has been setup, your API keys will also be generated for you automatically.

  • After you have received the API keys from City Index team, login to CFDHero using our Web App (

  • Navigate to Settings >> Brokerage API.

  • Copy and paste the API keys into the respective fields in the CFDHero Brokerage API page.

  • Click the "Add Brokerage" button

Only For Existing City Index User: Requesting for my City Index API Keys

Please follow the instruction below to connect CFDHero to your City Index account. If you require any assistance, please email us at Connecting to City Index requires a set of API keys that are generated by City Index. You will need to paste this set of keys into CFDHero.

Please follow the steps below.

If CFDHero manages to establish a successful connection, it will display City Index in the Connected Brokerages section.

If you encounter any issue along the way, do not hesitate to email us and we will assist you asap.

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