Strategy Designer

Available for Premium and Professional users

CFDHero's latest revolutionary Strategy Designer allows a trader to create complex strategy easily. A complex strategy can also be loosely called a MultiStrat in the hedge fund world. Multiple strategies are combined to create an overarching strategy. For example, a long-short strategy is considered MultiStrat as it consists of a long followed by a short strategy, with each executing consecutively.

CFDHero's Strategy Designer offers advanced traders the ability to create complex strategies that capture a greater part of the market movement. For example, a trader can create a long-short strategy using our Strategy Designer.

The actual implementation is via Daisy-Chain in CFDHero. The Strategy Designer is only available for Advanced bot type.

Let us illustrate with an example on how to implement a Long-Short MultiStrat strategy.

  • User creates Bot X (Advanced Bot) for Long strategy

  • User creates Bot Y for Short strategy

  • User configures Bot X to activate Daisy-Chain and also the "First in Daisy-Chain" option. When enabled, bot X will start to run after it is created. See picture below.

  • User sets Bot Y to activate Daisy-Chain but "First in Daisy-Chain" is NOT enabled. When bot Y is created, bot Y will NOT run. Its trigger is from Bot X as we will see below

  • User sets bot X exit condition to trigger bot Y after X completes a deal. Similarly, Bot Y's exit condition has been set to trigger Bot X after Y completes a deal

  • After X and Y are created, only X will run and monitor the market

  • Bot X completes a deal and X sends trigger to Bot Y. X will NOT auto-restart. X will be deactivated

  • Bot Y activates and monitors the market

  • Bot Y completes a deal and triggers Bot X

  • Bot X "wakes up" from its deactivated state and start to run. The whole cycle repeats.

As shown in the example above, a user has successfully created a Long-Short strategy.

A user can link two or more bots in a daisy-chain as well.

[Bot A] > [Bot B] > [Bot C] > ….. > [Bot Z]

If the LAST bot Z has NO trigger condition in the EXIT condition, the whole strategy (Bot A to Z) will only run once. But, if Bot Z Exit Condition has a trigger to Bot A, then the whole strategy repeats. I.e. Bot A will “wake up” and start to monitor the market.

CFDHero's Strategy Designer is like a 4GL programming language for automated trading. A trader can create multiple bots, each with its own condition in order to create a single wholistic strategy. It is really up to the trader's expertise and imagination on what complex strategy to setup using the Strategy Designer.

Example 1

Three bots MultiStrat

Above strategy will cause the following sequence: A > B > C > A > B > C > (repeats)

Bot A will activate on creating/updating since Activate Daisy-Chain = True AND First=True

Example 2

Above strategy will cause the following sequence: A > B > C > B > C > (repeats)

You can see that Bot A is only run once as no other bot triggers Bot A.

Example 3

Above strategy will cause the following sequence A > B > C > D > A > (repeats)

Example 4

Above strategy will cause bots A and C to be activated together.

Sequence: A > B > C > D > A > (repeats)

What if Bot C activates BO first?, then, it will look like

C > D > A > B > C > D > A > (repeats)

Hence, there is a danger of “race condition” (in computer science where two resources compete for the same resource X) if a user sets two bots as First=True in a single daisy-chain.

So if a Bot X calls another bot Y to activate and Y is already active, X will become deactivated (as per normal like a daisy-chain bot) but an error message will appear “Attempt to call an active bot in the daisy-chain”. HOWEVER, X can still be activated again if another bot triggers X as part of the daisy-chain.

Multiple daisy-chains can be created as well such that each chain of bots are mutually exclusive.

Strategy Designer for TradingView

Daisy-Chain linking can also be activated for TradingView signals.

Whenever a signal is received and if the bot has daisy-chain enabled, CFDHero will check if the bot is "First in Daisy-Chain". If yes, the bot will execute a trade. If not, the bot will check prior linked bot to see if it has already completed a deal. If yes, the bot will execute a trade, else it will do nothing.

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